Ideas capable of reshaping our world often require vast sums of money to bring to life. Our loans have never met an idea they couldn’t birth. So bring on the big ideas and let’s make a difference.

ALL- Women is our single digit loan product for female owned businesses for all sectors primarily geared toward growing our SME sub-sector and diversifying our customer base. 


Female owned businesses with shareholding of 50% or any majority shareholding provided it’s owned by a woman.

Business Expansion (Working Capital Requirements, Purchase of Raw Materials, Raw Materials & Infrastructure upgrade)

Beauty/Style, Confectionery, Fitness, Agriculture & Others

Rate: 9% p.a

Maximum Loan Amount: $10M

Loan tenor:  12 to 24 months

Monthly or quarterly repayments in line customer’s cash flow from sales/collections into account with Silvertontrust Bank

Management Fee: 10% flat

Acceptance of the BVN covenant, Personal guarantee of customer, Insurance, Positive Credit Checks, and Company Profile

How to Apply
To apply for ALL-Woman Business Package, simply fill out the application form online 

For more enquiries, kindly send an email to  




To finance small and medium enterprises


Beauty/Style, Confectionery and Fitness

Minimum & Maximum Loan Amounts


$100,000 & $2,000,000 respectively

9% p.a

Loan tenor

12 months


  1. Business account with Allegiance bank of not less than 2 months old
  2. Business must be categorized in any of the approved sectors.
  3. Business must have at least one 1 of our electronic connection channels

Management Fee



5% – 10% flat subject to a minimum of $5,000

Exclusivity of all transactions done by the customer to Allegiance bank

Acceptance of the Individual covenant
Personal guarantee of customer
Positive Credit Checks

  • Salary Advance – a revolving credit with a clean-up cycle availing up to 60% of your net monthly salary. This is a flexible funding solution that will help address short term financial needs.
  • Personal/Consumer loans to finance personal needs.
  • Asset acquisition/Car Loans to finance purchase of vehicles or acquisition of household assets.
  • Mortgage Facility – This is designed to fulfil your aspiration to purchase your dream house with ease.

For more details on any of our retail loans, kindly call 

+1 (216)239-4356

or send a mail to


Education is the bedrock of social and economic development and our education loan scheme is designed to provide short term funding to enable parents/guardians pay tuition fees for their children/wards.


  • Minimum Facility amount $20,000
  • Maximum Facility amount $5,000,000
  • School fees will be paid directly to child/ward’s school.
  • Maximum tenor of 3 months (Junior School) , Maximum tenor of 9 months (Tertiary Institution)


  • Completed Application Form
  • Parent/guardian must have salary account domiciled with the bank.
  • Child/ward must must have an account with the bank.
  • Invoice of school /tuition fees


Overdraft is a type of loan which allows the borrower/obligor to draw a certain amount in excess of the credit balance in their current account within a specified tenor usually not exceeding Twelve months.

Term Loan is a credit (short term, medium or long term) availed to finance specific capital projects expansion or lines of business for a specified tenor. Repayment can be bullet, balloon or instalmental.


Lease is specifically finance or sale and lease back financing to support the acquisition of asset or equipment.

Bonds and Guarantee: These create contingent exposure for the bank. They take the form of instruments issued on behalf of customers to support contracts for supply, construction and performance.


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